Monday, February 27, 2012

Community Supported Pickles?!

That's right.  It's an idea I have.

I am fresh to New Orleans, a transplant from Orcas Island, Washington.  There, on a Gilligan's Island-esque permaculture paradise, a merry band of young folk and their horticulture mentors experiment with the creative construction of bliss and abundance.  It will come as no surprise that, on a property lush with vegetable gardens and fruit trees, much bliss was cultivated while preserving the abundant harvest.  And so, I am smitten with pickles--from krauts to cucumber spears.  Now that I have landed in this urban paradise, I am eager to begin sharing my tangy, lacto-fermented products with my new community.

Here is the vision:

My CSP will function like a CSA--Community Supported Agriculture.  The CSA model has come into vogue as an easy way for consumers to buy fresh produce directly from local farmers.  At the beginning of the growing season, a farmer will sell a certain number of shares to the public.  Shareholders will, in return, receive boxes of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, you name it, throughout the season, perhaps weekly or biweekly.  This model serves famers by creating cash flow early in the season, before salad greens and strawberries can become dollar bills, when start-up costs are high and anticipated costs are many.  Once the farm starts pumping, CSA members reap the bounty.  In this way, growers and consumers are working together, sharing in the risks and benefits of food production.  What harmony!

Now imagine a quart of pickles as a CSA share.  Indeed, pickling is a simple craft.  That said, it takes time, attention and vegetables. As a member of my CSP, you will pay upfront.  As the pickler, I will gather, concoct and nurse crocks of kimchi, sauerkraut and cucumbers.  When the brine is bubblin' and the pickles have the perfect zing, I will pack up shares in jars and distribute.  You start eating through your pickles while I begin a new batch.  This is how we can work together to bring pickles to plates throughout the city.  

Dana's Pickles is in the embryo stages--I am still fine-tuning the concept and gathering information.  You can help me gauge interest by letting me know if you are tickled by pickles, and would be stoked to join the CSP.  Send your questions and enthusiasm to

Spread the word and ready your palate; a community supported pickle project is fermenting in New Orleans.  

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