Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Get your hands on a jar!

Pickles are a-comin', and I am soliciting members for the inaugural batch:  Crescent City Sauerkraut.  This cabbage ferment will be tangy and effervescent by the first week in April.  In the spirit of starting small, there are only 15 shares available in this first round.  Here is how to put your prints on a jar:
  • Send your name, phone number and address to
  • A confirmation e-mail will outline payment options.  The cost of each share--1 quart of kraut--will be $8 plus a $1 deposit on the jar.  (Although I hope to expand, with limited room in the CSP, only one share per customer please.)  
  • You will be notified when your jar is packed and ready to enjoy.  Pickles can be picked up at our Marigny headquarters.  We also offer bicycle delivery at no extra charge to most New Orleans addresses.  
To learn more about Dana's Pickles and the magic of fermentation, read the posts below.  

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